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About Steam Mill Clocks

Here is a little insight into our business,

Steam Mill Clocks was founded over 30 years ago by Mr Russell Allen. His love for clocks came from the mechanical aspect of them and appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, after buying his first clock which was a "yorkie" grandfather clock he found himself getting more interested.....then came the obsession. In his spare time while having a full time job he would visit local clock fairs antique markets etc until the obsession became a business which is Steam Mill Clocks.

He traded as a sole trader for many years travelling all around Europe finding the finest of antique clocks and barometers to offer the the UK market. After many years of this he decided to climb the ladder to the next step of finer better quality items and offered them to a worldwide market. Over the years a good clientele and business rapport was built with many customers from Europe USA Australia and so on. This still continues to this day. Honesty and quality is two of the main platforms the business is based on. 



Sadly Russell passed away in 2020 from cardiac arrest leaving his wife as the company director. His Son Ben Allen is now managing the business as well as his own business which he loves, keeping all the same business ethics that the company was built on by his dad.


Mr Russell Allen

The founder of Steam Mill Clocks with his wife Suzanne

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At Steam mill clocks we try our best the keep all business a small affair. We have some of the finest artisans carrying out work we require and also our own onsite workshop where Ben and long time family friend Richard carry out work within our abilities  


Mr Ben Allen

Company Manager

Ben's role is to manage the company for Suzanne aswell as running his own company Westmorland Glass.

Ben's sister Sammy also helps him with multimedia content creations and ideas

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