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It is a pleasure to offer a very fine true Vienna regulator wall clock made by the famous master clockmaker Joseph Mayer who has a clock exhibited in the Vienna clock museum This clock can be dated circa 1830 which is quite early in terms of this type of clock
It is beautiful made and has very elegant and restrained proportions being of the Dachluhr (rooftop) design
Austrian clocks such as this are entirely hand made and finished by time served master clockmaker and should not be confused with the much cheaper mass produced German clocks.
Austrian clocks were only made for the most discerning customers (who could afford them) and took many months to complete individually.
Subsequently they are rare items and I have spent 30 years driving all over Europe to source these clocks,particularly the finer examples.
Unfortunately there are too many people selling modern reproductions to customers.
I offer a full money back guarantee as to the authenticity of my Vienna clocks.
I also welcome any expert appraisal whatsoever.
Obviously,any potential clients are very welcome to view the clock prior to purchase (or pay on delivery)to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase
As you can see from the photographs the mahogany veneers used are quite exceptional with outstanding figure and colour which is enhanced by contrasting boxwood string. The backboard is also veneered in fame mahogany. It is also of 6 light construction which was used in the earlier clocks.
?The clock is 42 inches long , a maximum width of 11 3/4 inches and 5 1/2 inches deep .The width at the door is only 9 3/8 wide
?The proportions are particularly pleasing as this is a very elegant clock with just enough adornments to make to clock decorative without becoming fussy.
?The 3 day hand made weight driven movement is beautifully made and in perfect working order.. The wood rod pendulum has a brass backed knife edged bob which is in excellent condition.The beat plate is silvered.
The movement is quite unusual in that it has Grande Sonnierre striking on two coiled gongs which are driven by a weight on the time side and two springs on the quarters . These springs are the reason for the shorter duration and this arrangement is more commonly found on Austrian bracket clocks
?The movement is mounted into the case by means of wooden brackets and seat board. The 7 inch white porcelain dial is in excellent original condition and bears the name of the maker .There are some light surface scratches and a little chipping around the winding holes .The cast and engine turned bezel is well detailed.
The condition is excellent and the finish is as good as anyone can possibly expect and has wonderful colour. The pine carcase at the back of the clock has had (long dead ) woodworm at some point and there are a handful of holes in the back board which have been filled and cannot be seen unless you look very closely indeed ( in fact I didnt notice them when I bought the clock )There are some age related marks as you would expect on any item which is almost 200 years old but nothing else worth mentioning ready to hang straight on the wall.
The proportions are perfect and is worthy of gracing the wall of the most discerning collector.
The sides of the case are glazed .
The original winding crank is present. Hopefully the images will show show interested parties all they need to see but prospective buyers are very welcome to view.
This clock is much nicer in the flesh as my photographic skills are very poor.
If the buy it now price is paid in full I will ,deliver the clock free of charge in England ,Wales and the Scottish lowlands and provide a 12 months guarantee.The movement will also be serviced
Should a lesser offer be accepted it will be a trade sale 

Dachluhr Biedermeier Vienna Wall Clock - Mayer In Wein

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