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It is a pleasure to offer a very fine and rare Vienna wall clock in lovely original condition and manufactured circa 1860.
This particular has been part of my private collection for approximately 20 years having been sourced from a private collector.
I have collected this particular style of Vienna regulator for 30 years and the few I have seen have been made by Wenzel Schonberger in Vienna .I have no doubt whatsoever that this particular clock was made by him although the inked name has worn away with age which is very common on Vienna clocks.
Please note that this type of clock is very rare indeed and although I have managed to source a handful for my personal collection they have taken me over 30 years to find !
Austrian clocks such as this are entirely hand made and finished by time served master clockmaker's and should not be confused with the much cheaper mass produced German clocks.
Austrian clocks were only made for the most discerning customers (who could afford them) and took many months to complete individually.
Subsequently they are rare items and I have spent almost 30 years driving all over Europe to source these clocks,particularly the finer examples with originality being a paramount requirement.
Unfortunately there are too many people selling modern reproductions to customers.
I offer a full money back guarantee as to the authenticity of my Vienna clocks.I also welcome any expert appraisal whatsoever.
Obviously,any potential clients are very welcome to view the clock prior to purchase (or pay on delivery)to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase.
As you can see from the photographs this is a very pretty clock which is of very small size and that the weights only have 14 inches to drop!
Typical of dwarf Schonbergers is the dip in the bottom of the case so that the pendulum can swing in the smallest possible space.
Also seen on such clocks is the well carved top to the clock with similar decoration to the base.
.The weight driven movement is of 8 day duration and has dead beat escapement. .It also has a smaller winding barrels to assist with the duration.It is of the finest quality and fitted to the case by a latched plate.It is very uncommon to find striking clocks due to the limited room for the weight drop
The case is veneered in walnut which has developed the most wonderful honey colour.The backboard is particularly pleasing with quarter veneered flame walnut Please study the images of the case to see the quality..The sides of the case are of serpentine form and the door is secured by hook
All the original finish is present and the patina is excellent.
Of course these clocks were amongst the most expensive made but he had no problem selling them to discerning clients.
The overall condition is outstanding being original and well looked after.
There is ,of course,the odd age related mark as you would expect on any item of this age but the condition is a good as anyone could possibly expect. The original lock fitted but inoperative.
The 7 inch one piece dial is in excellent condition the steel hands are original (minute hand repaired).The clock functions perfectly
The sides of the case are glazed .
The original winding crank is present.
Hopefully the images will show show interested parties all they need to see.
This clock is much nicer in the flesh and looks very impressive on the wall.Prospective buyers are encouraged to view this clock if at at possible
It is 37 inches in length (from the very bottom finial )The widest part is 14 1/4 inches wide.The maximum depth is 6 inches.
If the buy it now price is paid in full then I will deliver and set up the clock free of charge to the English mainland,Wales and the Scottish lowlands.I will also provide a 12 months
Any lesser offers that are accepted will be considered a trade sale

Dwarf Vienna Regulator Wall Clock - Schonberger In Wein

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    Although the price is in GBP please don’t hesitate to contact us for a price in your home currency.

    We will provide an accurate and up to date exchange rate.

    We can take payments in several different ways, these include Bank transfer, cheque ,card payment or cash.

    A deposit can hold any of our stock items with the balance to be cleared at a later date as agreed between us and our client.

    Please contact us to discuss.

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