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These Rococo styled clocks are generally of French manufacture (and very nice they can be ) but many people are not aware that this style of clock was produced in England during the 19th Century and were sold by companies such as Vulliamy,Payne and other good makers It is believed that many "makers" bought them in and had their names affixed for retail.
These clocks differ in construction to the French and the English clocks have top quality fusee movements fitted. Of course these clocks were far more expensive than their French counterparts and are subsequently much rarer today.
The quality is fabulous with the final product so heavy and well made they feel as heavy as lead. This particular clock is a good from the rear as it is from the front so would be ideal to be placed in front of a mirror or on a small table where it could be seen from all angles.The matching base is attached to the clock by 4 screws.
The pendulum can be seen swinging from the front of the clock.
The 8 day duration movement itself is of the finest London quality with round plates and a chain driven fusee It has a Vulliamy style pendulum and is in full working order having been professionally stripped and serviced.The gilded and engine turned dial is signed Webster for the famous and well respected firm of William Webster of London which continued in the family for several generations and made some excellent clocks.This clock was made circa 1830.
The overall condition is outstanding with the original mercurial gilding virtually as new with the burnished areas contrasting Matt and highly polished highlights . The whole effect is very nice indeed and provides the type of finish and colour re gilded clocks simply cannot attain.
The clock is totally original and genuine from top to bottom and I offer a full money back guarantee to this end.
Prospective buyers are very welc